Friday, December 18, 2009

'Weihnachten Ferien' in class

German class will be taking a break for Christmas and the New Year's. We had a little celebration in class this morning, with lots of food and Gl├╝hwein (spiced wine)! So much for being a Domestic Engineer, my contribution to this pot luck was store-bought, ready-made vegetable springrolls. I particularly adore the little surprise decoration our teacher had set up... which we all got to take home!

P.S. I had to include a silly-faced picture of me, to show you how eager I am to wear that happy necklace.


  1. Deine Lehrerin war sehr nette!
    Froeliche Weichnachten!

  2. No, really, that was very kind of her to offer you a celebration and those lovely gifts! Those candle holders are such a great and cheap idea, I'd like to give them a go..but I think my grandad would leave only the candles!

  3. Aw...looks like a nice is good to celebrate a bit! :) xxx

  4. And her we were thinking you were a domestic goddess!!! Very disappointed indeed.

    Love those orange candle holders too. Might have to do Granny Smith apples at Christmas, as red and fresh green is my thing.

  5. Die kleinen Tischedekorationen sind wunderschoen. Das war sehr nett von Deiner Lehrerin.


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