Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pandan Experiment: Onde-onde

Onde-onde has been one of my childhood favourites. They used to be real special treats for me, and I associate this treat with an aunt of mine.

When I was a child, this aunt would take me along with her to do her marketing. Going to the noisy market was tiring and boring, but still, I looked forward to it. With marketing done, my aunt would buy me a little fresh banana leaf box filled with 4 little mysterious balls of "onde-onde", and I would cradle it back to her flat in my palm. With each bite of an onde-onde, there would always be a surprise 'pop' of sweet liquid. I never knew how there would be liquid inside a soft, mushy ball. It must be magic.

This will be my very first time trying to make Onde-onde for myself, so, come see:
Glutinous Rice Flour

Palm Sugar, bizarrely sealed with wax.

"Crushed" palm sugar.

Pandan flavouring

Making the dough.

The green dough.

The "Dough Test"

Cooked disc of dough, returned to the remaining dough, and re-kneaded.
Someone needs to tell me the purpose of this step.

Divided the dough into 10.

Carefully wrapped some Palm Sugar into a ball of dough.

The first "onde onde" test!

Yes, I did say to be gentle with it.

The first cooked ball of Onde Onde rolled around in coconut.

The Comparative Look Test.

And now the Taste Test!
Careful about the boiling hot sugar syrup inside.
The sense of satisfaction.
Now I wonder if I should be sad, because the mystery to these green balls is now gone.


  1. I have always wanted to try onde onde! Yours look just wonderful...

  2. Hmmm...that onde-onde looks yummy!
    Thanks for the belated birthday greatings, and the visit. Yes, I have been quite busy cooking for the birthday party and working at friend's Serena jewelry shop.
    There is no place like Napoli! Yes, it's quite different, they are slower, the dialect is very nice to hear, and as I said, they are really friendly people. And I think you'll love the cakes!!lol
    Have a nice day!

  3. Is that what they are!!! They do look pretty and tasty too. Well done for making some yourself.

    Hey your parcel arrived today. Thank you so very much for all the lovely jewellery. Did you make that cupcake keyring? It's absolutely amazing!!! I am going to save a couple of the pieces to give my girls for Christmas so I won't blog about it until after if you don't mind. I'm keeping the keyring so I can show that. Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. xxx

  4. well done!!
    I've never tried during i stayed in singapore.
    Seems like a rice ball or...japanese manjyu??
    Huum misterious for me.

  5. Wow, they look amazing, you did a great job. I had never even heard of them before. I love finding out about all these things from you.

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  7. They sound amazing, and quite tricky to cook! Well done...

  8. They look and sound tastty. thanks so much for sharing this recipe step by step. I have never made anything even close. Would be fun to try!


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