Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pandan Experiment: Kueh Dadar (Sweet coconut in Pandan-flavoured pancakes)

I needed to make a dessert enough for 15-20 people, plus, it had to be something that could withstand travelling on the bus and trams, and walking. Plus, it would be best left alone at room temperate. Plus! I wanted something "from the tropics"! Kuih Dadar it was.
My tray full of Kuih Dadars, all set and ready to go to the Christmas party.

What makes a 'Kuih Dadar'? They are pancakes, filled with sweet coconut filling.

Sweet Coconut Filling:
Dissolved Palm Sugar in water, with a blade of Pandan.

Grated coconut soaking up all the palm sugary goodness, and left to cool.

Pandan-flavoured Pancakes:
the batter
It involved Flour, Eggs, Pandan juice, and Thin coconut milk.

And a little bit of Oil.

Pandan Brush:
What a clever use for a brush made of Pandan leaves.

Pandan-flavoured Pancakes:
frying them
What a stack!

Assembling the Kuih Dadar:
Repeated 25 times.

It does seem like my Pandan adventures have been providing me with lots of Coconut, and Palm Sugar... Just presented in different ways!


  1. Pancakes = crepes = tortillas!!!
    I bet it was a success!

  2. Those sound like they taste amazing!

  3. Wow, I wanna come to dinner at your place!

  4. You know you are a great cook when your food looks just like the ones in the cook book! Bet they were yummy too. I do love your little brush and what a good idea.


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