Thursday, December 10, 2009

Secondhand Laden - Who Shops There?

This past Summer, in the last few minutes to the end of a class session, the teacher introduced the next class project on 'Secondhand Läden'.

Secondhand Läden = Second-hand Shops

"Wer kauft von einem Secondhand Laden?" (Who buys / shops at a second-hand shop?)
Yes, I do. I was about to put my right hand up.
Me, I shop at Secondhand Laden.

But before I could raise my hand in embarrassment, someone in class injected,
"Leute mit nicht so viel Geld." (People with not so much money.)

My right hand went under my jaw to save it from dropping off my face.


  1. I do too! In the US it's almost cool to go thrifting. You always see hipsters and crafters mixed in with Leute mit nicht so viel Geld. There seems to be a much more negative connotation here, at least in regards to the second-hand shops. Shopping at flea markets seems more socially accepted, which is weird to me because aren't they kind of the same thing? Silly Germans and Swiss!

  2. HEY!!!! ;-)
    No, that´s not really true. I´m German and live in Germany and I love to go to second hand shops (and to flea markets too). The thing is not the money I might save, the thing is: it´s cool. I love finding things one can´t buy everywhere. I live in a really small town and even we have a great second hand shop here.

    So this might be what some Germans think, but lots of us see it different. ;-)))

  3. Don't pay your classmate any mind! What he should have said was, "Creative people," but in German of course :)

  4. I pity him/her! Can we compare him/her to the one that sent me the silly e-mail I forwarded you last week?! ;-)

  5. You should have put up your hand and been proud! You can get some fab little bargains in there but that person will never know, so more for you and the rest of us!!

  6. Oh you should have put your hand up anyway and said 'No, people with better sense than to waste their money on expensive things when you can get decent clothes here much cheaper - plus it is good to recycle and you can be very creative!' I shop in places like this for these reasons... xxx

  7. Bloggers fight back, Juanita! But I do understand why you didn't reply at the time, particularly in a foreign language! The photos are good. It looks like you have some really big second hand stores, like we do in France.

  8. Sorry, Smila, I meant no offense! I know people that shop there too, but sometimes it seems like the rest of the country thinks we're insane. There's some really cool stuff there! :)

  9. Hahaha, this is hilarious Juanita :) It looks like you need to teach your teacher a lesson ;)

  10. Aww! Well I haven't been shopping in over 4 years (for clothes that is). I just browse in my sisters closets and sew the clothes to fit lol


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