Monday, December 14, 2009

Juanita Makes a Tortilla!

After witnessing Lululiz's TTT (Terrific Tortilla Tutorial), and The Curious Cat's Spanish Omelette, I was determined to have a 'Juanita makes a Tortilla' post, one day. I do not have a photographic memory, but I know it involves potatoes, naturally, and something about deep-frying.

My Tweaked Tortilla de patatas Try-out involved:
1 non-stick Saucepan
2 Onions
3 Potatoes
4 Eggs (and some water)
Salt, Pepper, and Herbs for seasoning and taste
Lots of oil, and
Over 30 Minutes of magical cooking under very low, low heat.

It was all worth it!


  1. ..bubble..bubble..bubble..sorry Juanita, it's my tummy, I've had only a caffelatte with honey this morning!
    ..can't wait to see how your h-o-m-e-m-a-d-e Gnocchi will turn out ;-)

  2. If your gnocchi is "Al ragù", please send me a plate!
    Have a nice (and yummy) week!

  3. That looks so yummy. And I love gnocchi *sigh*

  4. That looks very scrumptious indeed, I am feeling rather hungry now!

  5. Looks delicious! I've also been wanting to try and make gnocchi. Please post if you do!

  6. Hey! Glad you liked it! I'm tempted to make it again is rather lush! xxx

  7. You have made my tummy rumble with hunger, it looks so good! suzie. xxx

  8. Oh, that does look great. Did you really do it without a recipe?

  9. Lovely - it was high time to try this - Juanita!! :P This is one of my favourite things to cook and eat - can you imagine all my laziness? ;)


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