Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas in Singapore, as I know it

( This image was taken from eTour Singapore. )
"In Singapore, Christmas is a private holiday celebrated by almost no one. Typically it is also the slow time for retailers as Christmas season is also the time most people lose their jobs. The entire shopping district like Orchard Road and Marina Centre areas is barren and dark....
 ... As Christmas is not a native festival here, there is nothing local. Christmas celebration in Singapore tends to be heavily discouraged." - Christmas Worldwide, by Wikipedia.
As far as I know, my friends of Christian faith celebrate Christmas by attending church masses, and spending time with their families.

Christmas Sales = Year End Sales.
People of non-Christian faith may be influenced by the commercialism of "Christmas Shopping". So we do involve ourselves in exchanging gifts, and appreciate the spirit of the season.  Shops, and malls get elaborately decorated. Christmas trees, lights, Santa Clauses, etc.. Even artificial snow. It is widespread, and difficult to ignore.

Christmas = Santa Claus = Presents.
That was how I remembered it to be when growing up.

But, we all learn too soon that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. (I am sorry to tell you that.)
And we can't find snow-topped Christmas trees in the tropics. (Am I wrong about this?)

No... I am not the Grinch, or Ebenezer Scrooge -- I still love sending people gifts! Christmas is just an excuse :)


  1. Lovely post..I'm really envious that you can write 2 posts per day ;-)

  2. It is a bit of an odd celebration when it's no more than Santa and consumerism - I can see why people don't make much of it! So, do you have other gift-giving festivals, or festivals of light, in Singapore?

  3. I was quite curious to have a read about this - thanks! Can you tell us what is the most celebrated holiday in Singapore? :)


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