Monday, November 30, 2009

Introducing Pandan

To my delight, I recently found Pandan leaves at an Asian shop. Also, a potent little bottle of artificial Pandan flavouring.

Pandan (Pandanus amarylifolius), is a tropical plant, and I spent the most part of my life with an abundance of Pandan plants in my backyard. I also just found out that it is called Screwpine.

My late grandmother would boil a kettle of water with a Pandan leaf in it. To this day, my mother and aunts still do that. Tap water, without Pandan flavouring, is not drinkable water to them. Naturally, with Pandan being so readily available, we would also eat boiled rice, cooked with a blade of Pandan in the pot.

What is a "Pandan flavour"? I can only describe it as a 'grassy fragrance', in taste and aroma. I don't think there can be anything bad to be said about it. In my opinion, Pandan adds authenticity to most Southeast Asian cooking. But that is most probably my childhood memory speaking. Most definitely.


  1. omg! pandan!! ^_^
    us filipinos actually
    have pandan boba milk tea!!


  2. Cool, my mom used to cook with those leaves too!

  3. Does Pandan similar to Paxi? I've never tasted. I'll try it when i go to Sg next year.

  4. I would like to taste that flavour - sounds very refreshing!

  5. hi desperately searching for pandan! could you please let me know where i can find pandan leaves in zurich? ps: u could try pandan chiffon cake once. it's amazing! one of my favorite desserts :)


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