Saturday, October 31, 2009

World Blog Surf day: Holidays & Celebrations

The World Blog Surf Day theme for this year is: Holidays & Celebrations
What is your favorite new holiday and how is it celebrated?

Let me start by saying:
1. I am quite oblivious to the holidays on the calendar. Isn't everyday a holiday? :)
2. For this assignment, I am excited to discover this online list of Swiss Holidays for 2010.
3. I love markets.

Commercializing on festivities or not, the Swiss do know how to put up and appreciate a good market of festivities. The wafting smells of wursts and cheeses, the vibrant colours of the season; everyone is merry. A sparkle of joy and liveliness to the dreary, long and cold winter.

I particularly enjoyed the Christmas Market in the Zürich Hauptbahnhof of last year (2008):
My first Christmas market in the heart of Zürich. It was sparkle-y and festive.

It gave me every good reason to tuck in to those deep-fried battered apple rings, a sip of warm Glühwein or two, and Raclette. Never leave a market without having a Raclette I say.

Even the neighbourhood markets were all colourful and merry:
A few tokens of festivity to take home and celebrate!

Did I mention how the people here love fireworks? Oh, yes they do. Besides markets, people here seem to find any reason to patronise the fireworks stall.
Fireworks. Pretty to admire, but those blasts leave something to be desired.

Christmas isn't a new holiday to most of us. Neither is the New Year's or a National/Independence Day. So how about I introduce you to this new holiday:
The Onion Market in Bern, held on the fourth Monday of November, every year.
I sure hope it doesn't involve fireworks going off right next to my ear, as an Onion Market sounds like a perfect holiday celebration to me. (I had to indulge on that pun.)

I just might head on to Bern for this Onion Market. Why don't you check back here in November to see if I made it to Bern? Yes? Great.

This is my blog post for World Blog Surf Day. Do visit my blog-friend and fellow expat blogger Kylie, in a land not-so-far away, 'A Swiss Story by Kylie', for her take on 'Holidays and Celebrations'!


  1. It looks soooo good! I wish we had anything nearly like that here! suzie. xxx

  2. Hi Juanita! Hope you're fine the warm Singapore (have you received my thank you-e mail for the PIF goodies you sent me??)
    I've always thought of Switzerland as a fairy country,the Alps, snow, chocolate...but not onions!!! ;-)

  3. What lovely photos - thank you so much for sharing them!

  4. These pictures are lovely! There's something really magical about Christmas markets.

    May I borrow your "Never leave a market without having raclette" and make it my motto? Those are words to live by for any cheese-lover :)

    Have a great WBSD!

  5. Nice photos. A good market is always worth an hour or two.


  6. I'm hearing so much about these December/Christmas markets which I have missed out on despite having spent so many Christmasses in Switzerland... I'm totally buzzing at so many Swiss-related expat sites participating in WBSD this time around, whooweee! Glad to "meet" you, and I hope to catch up with your posts in the future.

  7. The Onion Market sounds funny, I hope you make it because I'm terribly curious about it now!

  8. Having the Christmas market under cover sounds really like a good idea, and I absolutely adore Raclette, yummy, yummy, SY

  9. Update: My own blog post for WBSD suffered an emergency url change (don't get me started on the 'why?' please) and can now be found at Unfortunately I have lost also all comments I had *sniff-sniff* and can't retrieve / transfer them, SY


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