Monday, October 5, 2009

We made it to Baden, on our bikes

Those little weekend cycling practices round the farm fields nearby paid off. I've always joked, "Let's go to Baden", whenever we took our bikes out from the cellar.

Old Town of Baden, Aargau.

2:00 hours on our bikes later, Baden was in sight!

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A 'guesstimate' of the route we took.

Home to Baden: 2:15 hr.
Baden to Home: 2:32 hr.

Baden. A little town famous for its thermal baths and Roman ruins.

Our longest bike ride. Ever.
I can't quite feel my knees today, but I am so glad we did it.
Next bike ride: Summer 2010 maybe.
(Hey, remember it was only in May, this year, that I've learned how to pedal?!)


  1. wow, that is a long ride! My butt's sore just from looking at that map!

  2. Well done! I bet that was wonderful! Suzie. x

  3. Congratulations! Seems like it was yesterday you were learning how to ride a bike.

  4. Shame on me!...I thought that Baden was in Gemrmany and not in Switzerland!
    Congratulations you're ready for "le Tour de France"! Just kidding!

  5. Bravo, Juanita. Keep it up, girl!

  6. Well Done! That is a great achievement and a very good excuse for taking it easy and doing something crafty for the rest of the week :O)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS JUANITA!!!!that's awesome...WO, you must feel SO proud of yourself!

  8. Wow, that is amazing how quickly you managed the bike!! Congratulations! And that is a VERY long bike ride you did!! I cycled maybe 1 1/2 hours on Sunday and then I had enough (and that was there and home). "There" was on the way to Baden actually, but I got lazy and convinced my husband we should turn around so we didn't quite make it!

  9. I think I'd be on bed rest for a week if I tried that, lol. Well done, Tour de France next, right?

  10. Congrats! Hope you liked my town :)
    That's quite the bike ride! You should have gone to Baden's spa after that one and taken the train back.

  11. Wow - that is quite a ride, Juanita! I cycle (just about) every day and I would have thought twice about your route! I'm really impressed, especially that you had a great destination to get to as well.

  12. Juanita, that's great! I thought Baden was in Germany, too...must take again my geography books!
    Happy future rides and take care!


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