Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre.

Despite paying a hefty 50 Euro fine for not validating our Trenitalia tickets (we didn't realise);
despite having an infected eyelid (I wanted to wear contact lenses);
despite paying another 20 Euro penalty for taking an Intercity -not Inter-Regional- train (who knew?);
despite dropping my camera and killing it completely on my birthday (I was eager to pet a kitty cat)...
Era una festa eccellente! It was an excellent holiday!


  1. Hi Juanita! Thank you for sharing all your 245 amazing pictures on Flickr! As we spoke before your departure, I've got such lovely memories of 5 Terre!
    Your hubby looks a bit shy, but you're really a lovely couple!
    I can't took also the time to deal with Calamari!
    P.S.Cats of Vernazza don't look pretty like Fluffy!
    P.P.S. Remember, Italians are thieves with tourists!

  2. the fact that you are wearing a sleeveless top says it all...


  3. You two are such a lovely couple! Sorry to hear you had all sorts of problems, but the main thing is that your holiday was a success despite all that.

  4. Looks great! Hope you eyes get better soon.

  5. Fantastic photos and fantastic holiday too by the look of it, despite those other things!!! Suzie. xxx

  6. WOW! Your photos are all just awesome. That is one of the places I was hoping to go before we left but I do not think we are going to make it. How did you get there? Train? Was it far?

    Again, awesome photos!!!

  7. Juanita, lovely pics, and I love the one with the Hubs! you are a fantastic couple!

  8. nice!
    looks amazing!
    thanks fir sharing!

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