Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What does October mean to you?

What does October mean to you?

For me, this October in 2009:
  • This blog turns 5 years old. It began as a 'Garden blog'. But that didn't work out. 
  • Fluffy celebrates his 2nd Adoption Day with us. We took him home in Oct 2007.
  • I turn a year older. Sigh. Sharing the birth-date with these famous lot: Margaret Thatcher, Paul Simon, and Sacha Baron Cohen.


  1. Wow 5 years! Happy blogoversary Juanita!!!

  2. Oh, quite a month for you! It's less significant for me, being the month BETWEEN family birthdays and anniversaries. However, it's the last warm month down here (obviously not all the time, but there is still the chance of summery warmth) so I suppose that for me it now means relishing the last of the summer whilst enjoying the beginning of autumn - log fires!

  3. Oh it means quite a lot to me too, good and bad! But I love this time of the year. Happy blogoversary! Suzie. xx

  4. October...
    I celebrate my sister inlaw's birthday...and a good friend in UK.
    Our Mamas and Chicks Show is only 5 weeks away!
    It's a BUSY month thinking about gifts(homemade) for friends and family.
    Dance classes start...the week becomes busier!
    Yup...October will move very FAST!

  5. it means amazing hats, fun scarfs, pumpkin bread and leaves falling!! i love fall

  6. October...

    Turkey (Thanksgiving here in Canada!), getting to wear my favorite wool coat, the leaves changing colors, and it means my birthday's coming up too.

    Happy blogoversary!

  7. Happy Blogoversary:)
    October means dark mornings, but beautiful colours, too many windy and rainy days. My daughters birthday, one weeks holiday, a beautiful appletree in every garden. Heat from the fireplace. Candlelights. I think I'm a bit in love with October

  8. Beautiful picture... October will mean something different in the years to come as my baby will be born mid October; you will share the same birthday month! :) I'm looking forward to Autumn birthday parties.

  9. five years!? O_O whoa! that's older than mine! congrats!

    and oh man i love the blogs all about autumn!!! ahhhh i'm so thrilled about it! i love the weather now a days! and you know what's coming next soon?! christmas !!! hehehehe! yay!!

  10. October to me is mine, my OH's and my nieces birthday all within a day of each other, beautiful trees, long walks, gorgeous autumn clothes, blankets on sofa's, making chutneys and jams for winter, starting the christmas list (organised moi?)
    Lovely blog, enjoyed having a good read X


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