Thursday, September 17, 2009

Over the Weekend - Feldis

Lovely view of alpacas, sheep, and goats, @Sternahaus.

Sternahaus, an 'eco-lodge', where we put up for the night.

Very cozy and family-friendly.

Hike 1 - An easy walk over a slightly precarious situation.

Being careful about those wood ants nest.

Woke up to Gipsy (or Gypsy) and Lola, Sternahaus' pigs.

We took the chairlift up to the top, for a hike down.

Hike 2- Walked in the clouds.
Stopped by this Skihuette for a hot drink, and soup.
And it had the most adorable Retriever (caught rolling in the grass).

Feldis/Veulden, near Chur.

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  1. That looks lovely! Except for the getting woken up by pigs part. ;-P Switzerland's beauty always amazes me.

  2. Gutentag Juanita!
    Wie geht's?
    Dein Wochenende im Gebirge war wunderschoen!
    Ich wuenschen dir einen schoenen Tag!
    Greussen aus Venedig!

  3. YIKES, you are a brave girl. Hike 1 easy? Shudder, it looks frighteningly steep.

  4. Swizerland is really beautiful as i am imaging!! and nice hike you had!!

  5. beautiful, a have a friend in Switzerland too.. I miss her.

  6. How lovely...thanks for sharing the photos with us.


  7. PS I just did your friend's survey (phew - I nearly forgot!).

  8. goodness, i've always wanted to go to places like these. you're so lucky to be living close to it... or do?

    anyway, you go to a lot of place :] i'm so jealous!


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