Friday, September 25, 2009

'Paying It Forward' demystified

How does a 'Pay It Forward' (or PIF) work? I can try to explain.

Let's call this first ladybug  The Initiator.
It gives X number of bees a special something, each.
In this case, X = 4.
There are 4 lucky chosen bees.

As a 'pay it forward',
each and every -of the 4- special bee will follow suit,
and send a special something to yet another 4 lucky chosen ladybugs.

Then, each ladybug will send a special something to a further 4 lucky chosen bugs.
So, a 'Pay It Forward' should just go on and on, and on!

So, a P.I.F. is not so scary, is it?


  1. Juanita you're a genius!
    I've got those ladybug chocs too!

  2. Love the little diagram!!! Pay it forward is a great idea - maybe we should start some sort of blog gift pay-it-forward? Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way xxx

  3. ooohhh I am starting to realise something is already taking place here...

  4. hi juanita!
    you have such a fun blog! thanks for visiting! besos-jane

  5. I love your blog!! Your pictures have such humor! The numbering is briliant! Witty girl! nice to see you over my way! x

  6. Awww, you explained that so nicely with your little bugs and bees.

  7. Great explanation! You must have had fun - did Fluffy join in?

  8. This is so cute! Hooray for PIFs. I am currently working on finishing mine. I did 5 though, 2 down, three to go. Must also add that PIFs are wonderful ways to make great online crafty friends!


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