Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bern, Capital of Switzerland

I went to Bern yesterday.

I have a fuzzy memory of my visit to Bern, 6 years ago. Funny how some things did not change.
(There was that market yesterday as well.)

I did see a couple of new things yesterday:
1. the Bear Pit. Since the 16th century, the pit housed bears.
The last bear died this year, sadly. From arthritis, I was told. A project is underway to improve the pit, with this idea that new bears will be able to "walk alongside" people along the riverAlmost near people anyway.
2. Kornhauskeller. It used to be a corn cellar, but is now a restaurant.
We took a peek, and marvelled at the beautiful interior.

Bears are associated with the town Bern. Although no live bears could be seen yesterday, there was a statue of it by the river.

See if you can spot it.


  1. Yep, I see it!
    I remember seeing the bear pit a long time ago when I was a kid. I always felt bad for them. May be they'll make the new pit more bear-friendly.

  2. I think the bear statue is in the middle, looking over the river - am I right! I'm having a French Rentree giveaway if you'd like to pop over...

  3. Ooo nice, I enjoyed Bern. Plan to visit there again next month when we have friends visiting!

  4. oooh, I would love to go there one day, looks wonderful! Suzie. xxx

  5. I visited Bern last year and saw some bears! I think their new enclosure will be lots more
    fun though! The Kornhauskeller looks amazing! G


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