Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vegetable Query: Zucchini / Yellow zucchini

I could not resist taking home these 2 Zuchettis last Sunday. Say now, how do you like your Zucchinis?
(Or Squash, whichever name you prefer.)

I love them roasted. But a sautee with cheese sounds marvellous. And this Stuffed Zucchini sounds just as delightful.

P.S. I don't believe I've ever bought raw Yellow Zucchinis before. Or have I? Green ones, plenty.
Now that I think about it, I haven't seen much of these yellow ones around. Have you?


  1. Over here in Oz, zucchinis and squash are 2 totally different vegetables. Squash is round, plus i've never seen such a yellow zucchini before!
    I use zucchinis is stirfries/soups, i also bake them with potatos, carrots etc to go with a roast. Have fun cooking!

  2. I call them courgettes, both in English and in French! Squash is more of a little pumpkin to me, but they're all in the same family.

    We grow long green ones, long yellow ones and round green ones (those are the most expensive in the shops, so it's fun to grow them for free!)

    We often slice them in rounds and lightly steam them, or dice them to eat raw in salads. They are good in stirfries and delicious in ratatouille! If we are prepared to make the effort, they are yummy sliced in thin rounds, tossed in a mixture of flour, parmesan cheese and seasoning, and then sauteed in butter until quite brown and crispy (even black in parts).

  3. I needed some yellow zucchini for my ratatouille tonight ... but I couldn't find any !!

  4. We have loads of these in America and call them yellow squash. Very original! ;) I'm a lazy cook, so I usually just sautee them in butter or olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and Parmesan.

  5. You ca do pretty much the same things with them as Zucchini, we call the summer squash in Michigan. They are not commen in the U.k. I know I looked for them when I was home, to use in a yummy roast veggie dish, just slice them on an angle and roast with other veggies.

    Thanks for your comment on my dress, it is something I am really proud of.

  6. Cut into discs and deep fry with batter!! then eat with fridge-cold sourcream!!!!!

  7. It is the first time I actually see a yellow zucchini, Juanita! I usually roast the green ones with other veggies - great stuff!

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