Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sister's Visit: Day 11: Cheese, Mountain, and Chocolates

This is a little recap of my sister's visit from a couple of months ago. She spent 12* days in Zürich, in 2 separate weeks. Day 11 = June 16 2009, Tuesday.
*Was 11 days. The flight for the 17th got cancelled.

Start: 10:30am Zürich.
Stop 1 = a "most well decorated" garden tended by 2 ladies for over 20 years.

Stop 2 = Appenzellerland Cheese Factory

Stop 3 = Hoher Kaston

Stop 4 = Appenzell

Stop 5 = Maestrani Chocolate Factory
End: 7:00pm Zürich

When in the land of cheese and chocolates, we've got to do a tour to these places. So we signed up for a guided tour. (You can book tours at the Tourist Information of the Zurich Main train station, preferably a few days in advance. What we took was a tour organized by Best of Switzerland Tours.)

- No planning, no minor heartattacks to keep track of time, check for train schedules, and to rush to catch one. Just sit back, enjoy the ride, and listen to the tour guide, and learn new things.
- You can leave your shopping on the coach bus, if any.
- Be a cheesy tourist.

- Of the 8 hours, we barely spent 3 hours on our feet. A large part of the tour was getting to places in the coach.
- The line at each toilet break.
- How I can't get my money back for not getting any views at the mountain, ha!

So what happened to Day 10? It was largely spent souvenir- and secondhand-shopping. And also getting nagged by Fluffy for disturbing his sleep.


  1. Cheese and chocolate factories!!!! Wow i envy though... anyway you both had fantastic and cherish time. good for you!!
    Thank you for sharing and visiting my site.

    take care///

  2. you guys look like you had so much fun! i'm so jealous!!

    and no planning? that's the best part of going out! hehe, i'm glad you guys went with the flow of things! :]

    p.s. i really don't know which one is my favorite pic. i like them all!

  3. Juanita, my dear, how are you? For sure not sweating like me in Rome!
    Those pics are fantastic; I love cheese and I just love to drink hot chocolate with cream...even knowing I will have a terrible headache afterwards!
    Mr Fluffly beautiful and regal as always! Love him. (Hope my Ciro cat doesn't read this post!)lol

  4. Hi Juanita!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me such kind comments!
    I'm very pleased to meet you!
    You have a lovely blog and from now on I will follow you!
    Greetings from Italy!

  5. You really did so much when your sister came over - amazing time spent and great planning! I love Swiss chocolate (more than I do cheese :D). Great picture of Fluffy!

  6. I am so jealous! My husband went two years ago and brought home almost half a suitcase of chocolate. My mouth still waters thinking about it!


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