Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do you fear being laughed at? Gelotophobia

A friend of mine works on this new and interesting area of research: Gelotophobia.
(The causes and effects, and how Gelotophobia relates to Bullying.)

The above cartoons you see are just definitions, and I can't tell you more... Let me point you to Tracey's website, if you are interested in finding out more: -- the website dedicated to information on Gelotophobia.


  1. How intriguing! I have tried to teach my boys the difference between being laughted AT and laughing WITH someone, because I think small children can't always tell the difference. I wanted the little one to know that when people laughed at him in his nursery performance it wasn't cruelty, but delight in how he joined in. Laughing WITH, not AT, him.

    I'm off to visit your friend's stuff, now...


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