Monday, July 13, 2009

Vegetable Query: Carrots and Kohlrabi Re-visited

It appears that my little Vegetable Adventure has fallen into the rut. Nothing new to explore, just the usual salad lettuces, and occasional sprouts. (Sprouts, that might be something new.)

What I also did was try out those few recipe recommendations.

An "intermediate" between Floss' mashed carrots + and Anneliese's Thai carrot soup.
(See their comment-recipes here.) It was a spicy carrot puree which I had used 6 carrots for.
A bowl's serving was a meal in itself!

As suggested by Olga, I grated a Kohlrabi, along with a couple of carrots.
Added a generous amount of Mayonnaise, salt & pepper for season, and a couple of splashes of lemon juice. It was really refreshing, and was a perfect, fuss-free slaw (Coleslaw) to accompany the BBQ lunch we had with friends.

Seen any new veggies in your supermarket?

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