Monday, July 13, 2009

Sister's Visit: Day 5: Salvation Army, and Freitag Shop.

This is a little recap of my sister's visit from a few weeks ago. She spent 11 days in Zürich, in 2 separate weeks. Day 5 = June 10 2009.

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June 10th: My sister had just arrived from Finland in the afternoon. Had a quick bite at Nosch, but it turned out disappointing as the wraps were done by a different chap (the boss does it best). Then it was a quick hop on to the train to the Salvation Army at HardbrückeMore thrift-shopping! (As requested.)

There was a funky cafe/eatery with traffic signs next to the railway, and I've never seen that place before as it was only my 2nd visit to the Salvation Army. (My regular thrift shops are Brocki-Land, and HIOB International.)

A stone's throw away from the Salvation Army is the Freitag shop, so I stole the chance to take a quick peek into Freitag. I love the ingenuity of the Freitag shop (those stacks of containers, !!!), and those recycled bags, how each and every bag is unique (!!!). My sister wasn't impressed by the prices though.
Perhaps there might be a Freitag bag in a thrift-store?


  1. OMG, that Freitag shop is SCARY! Do you really have to go up into those containers? I couldn't do that. Perhaps they are just storerooms? Or maybe they are just there to look, errmmm, interesting?

  2. Lululiz:
    Those Freitag containers are just "shells" -- there are stairs in them that lead up to each level :) Being containers, it was a tad stuffy inside...


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