Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sister's Visit: Day 4: Zooh!, and Landesmuseum.

This is a little recap of my sister's visit from a few weeks ago. She had spent a total of 11 days in Zürich, in 2 separate weeks. Day 4 = May 21 2009.

It was a sunny Thursday morning.
So off we went, to the Zoo.

Got us our tickets, for 22. CHF each.

There were some lovely views at the zoo, and was it a hot day.

Perfect day for an ice-cream, and to my sister's delight, there was Hello Kitty ice-cream.

The Zurich Zoo is set atop the hill.

And because of that, we kept walking in circles, not remembering the up-slopes or down-slopes we took.
But there were signs to help us.

What nice views huh.
I have been told the tropical rainforest was impressive. And I thought it was done well, with many tropical rainforest plant species represented in this majestic dome.

Pity we didn't catch any animal shows. We've then decided to head downtown.

This was us leaving the Zoo via Tram 6,

...winding down to town.
Größere Kartenansicht

Our next stop: The Swiss National Museumotherwise known as Schweizerisches Landesmuseum.
That is the one, the castle-looking building right next to the Zurich Hauptbahnhof.

As with most museums, no photography was allowed inside.

Good thing for us, it was a Thursday, and the Landesmuseum opens until 7pm on Thursdays.

We spent a little while exploring the "Swiss Humour" special exhibit.
I would have found the videos and many other texts funny, had I brushed up my German!
Drawings and comics were helpful though. (I'm only beginning to learn German. Swiss German? Not yet!)

So, have you gone to the Zurich Zoo ("Zooh!") or Landesmuseum yet?
Do check them out, if you get the chance.


  1. Hey there - we visited Zurich last year but never made it to the zoo - looks like fun! Just to tell you I posted your goodies yesterday so they should be winging their way to you right now! G

  2. Whee! Thanks a lot Gillian! I can't wait to receive them.


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