Sunday, July 19, 2009

Polka Dot Swap - What I Received from Sharon

How are you not 'wow'ed by all this loveliness?

I am smitten by this gorgeous bag! It's handmade.

Wait, there's more!

Sharon has overwhelmed me with her generousity of more polka dot goodness.

Thank you SO much, Sharon ( a.k.a. The Crafty Trundler, at Clover Cottage ).
Now I am a little ashamed of what I've sent... Let's just hope my swap package gets to you well!

This Polka Dot Swap was organised by Stacey over at Polka Dot Daze, who deserves a 'Job well done' for hosting her first swap!

I sure had fun keeping an eye out looking for polka dots.


  1. So glad you like the Polka dot swap package!!It was great fun to do, chose lilacs & florals to make you a summery bag in the style & colour you like. I also thought a polka dot tea towel would come in handy after reading one of your blogs a while back!! I hope you have fun using the fabrics too, will be interesting to see what they are turned into.
    I was stunned by the short time it took for the parcel to get to you - 4 whole days!!! I posted it on Tuesday afternoon!!! That is awesome!!!!
    Look forward to seeing your parcel, and I'm sure it will be lovely!

    Have a great week : )

    Sharon XX

  2. Oh you, lucky, lucky person - I have already got one of Sharon's fantastic bags and it comes everywhere with me! Isn't she clever at finding the right colours and fabrics for people too?

    Have fun with your new goodies, and just remember that everyone (as far as I know) gets 'swap anxiety'. It's nothing to do with the quality of what you've sent, and more about human nature, I think...

  3. I am gobsmacked, you lucky girl you, what a fabulous lot of goodies. I have definite bag envy, the colours, the fabric patterns, the bag style, its just perfect.

  4. I'm afraid the roses arent handmade!! I got them off Ebay! Could be worth having a try though!!
    Have a lovely sunny day!!

    Sharon xx

  5. What an amazing package! I love polka dots too, wish I had seen that swap!

  6. wow this polka dot handmade swap looks like fun! :P


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