Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hub's Impressions from China

My Hubs just got back from a 12 day work visit to China. Beijing, on most days. He even went to a part of the Great Wall, and that made me entirely jealous.

But did he get me touristy souvenirs?

Nope. But he brought back some Chinese tea. That will work.

I've sure missed out on some authentic Chinese village cuisine....

but, maybe a little relieved that I didn't have to put a moth pupa into my mouth!

Also, I'm not sure how anyone can breathe in "air" like this...

Have you visited China, and how did you like it?


  1. tea is definitly preferable to eating insects.. I would like to go to most places in the world.. though not quite as keen on places where you have to eat critters! so if he went somewhere and didn't brng you anything back does that mean you get to go somewhere and not bring him anything back?

  2. The great wall is definitely a dream spot for me. I won't die happy without seeing it. I would be SUPER jealous too if that was my hubby!

  3. I was supposed to go to china for my honeymoon as my friend was living there, she came home early though :( which probably was a blessing in disguise as i have since found out that I hate flying!

    She bought me back some tea as well, it was soo nice!

  4. I would love to go...and get some chinsy souvenirs!!!
    Our good friends are going through adoption proceedures for a little one from maybe there's an oppertunity to go with them???

  5. Son 1 is our China expert - he was obessessed as a small child and was determined to go there. The craze has slightly faded but he still intends to go there one day - maybe on his world tour at the age of 19 (currently planned with his cousin who is a year younger). We'll see if they ever manage it...

  6. My friend Tina, comes from somewhere in Southern China , Dongzuan it sounds like. Looks like a very interesting country, but the pollution is not a good thing!!
    Her cooking is great!!

    Have a great week, and tale a look at my blog!!! : )

    Sharon xx

  7. You brought some good memories from our visit to China exactly a year ago. The food is gorgeous, I love Chinese food! We even tried the 'moth stuff' but most for curiosity reasons and you'll be surprised - they are not as bad as they look! As for the air, will it is a very sad reality :(


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