Monday, July 13, 2009

B-Movie Swap - What I Received from Apryl

Purple yarn!!! And Skittles -- I'm targeting the blackcurrant ones first!

Isn't that illustration (of B-Movie Queen) gorgeous?
A Vampire Kit with silver tip needles that'll help me fight those vampires in the basement. An Alien hairband :) A cup cozy... and a really lovely comic card!

What's scarier is my black hair growing out, not the alien.

What more can I say? You had me at Purple yarn. I'm just thrilled!

Come see the Flickr Pool of B-Movies swap goodies that have been exchanged. Thanks so much, Apryl!

Post Script edit:

Scream Queen from Apryl is now on display!


  1. ohh lovely stuff there - i love movie star so beautiful.

  2. so glad you like it all!!!! and i will have to snag a few of those pics for my blog.. as i er only took pics of the painting and the needlebook.. *dunce*


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