Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Over the Weekend

There was lots of rain over the last weekend, and so says the forecast for the rest of this week.
How are things on your side?

There was a tin drum band to help lift the spirits, at the Oerlikon market last Saturday.

I'm sure you know these songs!

When the clouds broke away for a couple of hours on Sunday morning,
The Hubs and I took a ride out.

You can say it's the usual: Passing by fields, and cows, and what I believe is a Broccoli patch.

Even horses and families of ponies -yes, little Swiss children riding little horses- managed to stretch their legs.

Back indoors,
we chomped on my first attempt at Custard Tart.
The simple recipe was taken from Best Recipes.
Do I love custard!
Will make me a thicker custard filling, the next time round.

Despite thinking 'some things are better left to the experts', I dared myself to make my own rubber stamp.
Not too shabby for a modest 'pen-knife and eraser' hand-made stamp, I hope?


  1. your stamp is awesome! i can't believe you made that yourself! wow.
    i haven't forgotten about brocki-ness, but have had a crazy couple of weeks and am waiting to hear about those dates (whether i have to work or not!) ill email soon!

  2. Juanita! Totally agree with Kylie. That is one super cool stamp. I want one too! Is there any way you might be able to write up a little "how-to" on your blog?

  3. Juanita, the stamp is just great - before I read your comment I thought you ordered it from somewhere. How did you manage to make it look so much like your handwriting? Oh, peonies are so beautiful - these are my favourite flowers! How do you find living in Europe after Singapore and then the US? Where do you like it more and why? Cheers,

  4. awesome stamp, learning to make stamps is on my list of many things to learn to make or do.... its a very long list and thats the trouble... but I'll get there eventually!


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