Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today's Happy Five: June 03 2009

1. Picked up my pliers this morning, and made some wire-coil clasps. Not sure why I took such a long break from jewellery-making (a year, almost) -- I was smiling at each completed clasp! Not letting out what was made. A clue: The Cath Kidston tiny soap wrapper (gift from my little sister-in-law) was too pretty to be tossed out, so I... will have to tell you about that next time!

2. We have our first baby tomato! We have never grown our own tomatoes before. Here's one, and hopefully more to go.

3. Found a new love yesterday. This delicious thing called amaretti. And now I am happily overdosed!

4. Found a way to store those giveaway name entries. 10 names so far, and there's space for more! What giveaway? Yes! I'm having a giveaway. Click here to join:

5. I got round to 'accepting' the "Lovely Blog" award and did my post on it, this morning. It is a lazy Wednesday today, with no real plans but to relax, and be ready for German class in the morning.


  1. Hello Juanita! Thanks for the award, you swap will be on the way to you soon!!! Sorry for the delay my jewellery orders were just piling in last month! I will also blog about my received swap soon.

    Laura x

  2. Hola Juanita :) Seems like you really had a fun day, Funny way for the give away draw - so simple yet efficient :P Lovely jewelry - where did you learn how to do this? Cheers,

  3. You kept the soap wrapper!!! Yes, i agree, it is too pretty to be tossed out. Can't wait to see what you're making.

  4. Hola Juanita!!!
    OH!!! I love your little tomato!!!

  5. Everything looks so lovely! Don't worry about tagging me - I enjoyed it really, I was just hamming it up! Typical British self-depreciation, which sounds weird to the rest of the world. I've also really enjoyed reading Alexandra's version of the questions (Domestic Novice) so it was good to pass it on! Thanks.

  6. Hi Juanita :)Thank you for your support, they are actually two guinea pigs - very friendly, funny and very cuddly.. But it is sad to watch these little animals suffer - i really feel helpless :(Going to the vet today again.

    Great you liked Gdansk - if you ever want to come and visit - drop me a line it will be my pleasure to be your guide :)

    As for Beijing - real pity you are not going, it is totally worth visiting and it is very easy to travel in Beijing. But as you say - maybe better next time when you have time for everything and feel you are on vacation. We also went to Beijing initially with work - spent one week in the office in beijing and then stayed 2 more weeks to travel the rest. It was a trip really packed with agenda!


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