Monday, June 29, 2009

Sister's Visit: Day 3: Uetliberg, and Zürich

This is a little recap of my sister's visit from a few weeks ago. She had spent a total of 11 days in Zürich, in 2 separate weeks. Day 3 = May 20 2009.
It involves honesty on one's part when it comes to traveling in this country. Buy your own ticket. Not just any ticket, the right ticket. When my sister arrived, we bought her a 72-hour ZurichCARD. It takes a little bit of understanding when it comes to the Swiss travel system, with their Tarif Zones and what-not.

We basically bought us a peace of mind with the 72-hour ZurichCARD, which permits travel within the Zurich Network, the Airport, and Uetliberg. (The Airport and Uetliberg lie outside of the Zurich Network.)

Before the last valid hour came a-ticking, we started Day 3 with a ride up Uetliberg. Uetliberg, a must-see, must-do while in Zürich.

Would have been a perfect day for hiking in Uetliberg,
but we took our pictures, and we rode the train back down, downtown.

What greeted us at the Hauptbahnhof (downtown) was the fresh market.
This HB fresh market is held on Wednesdays.

I didn't have to twist my sister's arm to get a load of Swiss Raclette;
she was fascinated by the melting (and burnt!) cheese. Oh my, and help yourself with the pickles!

Yummy yummy in our tummies, we strolled along Zürichsee, the Zürich Lake.

To rest our tired feet for a few minutes, we took the little funicular, also known as the Polybahn,
up to the main campus of ETH located in central Zurich.

Get a load of the view from the Polyterrasse.
Needless to say, we rode the Polybahn back down and wandered in the Old Town,
and found ourselves at the Lindenhof.

Rounding this walk-alot Wednesday was a visit to the Kunsthaus Museum. It was a Wednesday, so it was free of charge for all visitors, to the (permanent) Collection. Lovely.

Voila! That was Day 3, May 20th 2009.


  1. Great photos! And that raclette, yummmmmm, its making my mouth water.

  2. WOW these photographs are breath taking! You are so lucky to have experience such a beautiful thing! :)


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