Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oo... Mail!

Two packages in a day, all for me! One's from Australia, the other Canada.

A cute little top from my little sister-in-law! Polka dots are taking over the world! Isn't this cute?

From Canada: 4 delightfully unique Batik cloths from Sheran. Yes, I barter my bag-making services for craft supplies. (Remember those 2 proud 'Nana bags I made?)

Sheran included a great tutorial from Jo-Ann as well. I should give this market bag a go, one of these days...
when the Sewing Mood strikes.
Don't I feel spoiled?

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  1. Wow Juanita, I see you ere busy with your blog during recent days :) Lots of catching up for me to do! While it's going to take me some time to do that and I look forward very much to that here I am to say hi and thanks for your comment and that the guinea pigs are fully recovered and are doing great :)thanks for asking! Hugs from Gdansk, heading off to Warsaw tmrw for 2 days (work).


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