Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'll be at Floss' Garden Party!

It is Floss' 40th Birthday Garden party this weekend! I'm really looking forward to it.
What will you wear to Floss' Garden party?

I'll bring me my favourite straw hat,
of which I bought in Erice, Sicily.
It was very useful during my visit there.

Dresses, dresses. What shall I wear?
These are my favourite summer dresses.

Now, this one's brand new, and I bet the birthday girl (Floss) would be impressed.

When I saw this dress in Bali, each dress came with a tag signed by a Balinese lady who had sewn it.
Oh, and you know frugal me, I really didn't want to buy it. This dress was on a 50% discount, and my shopping companion asked, "When is the next time you're coming to Bali?"
True. She also added that these cotton lace were of good quality.
I simply adored the idea of how someone spent her waking hours, tenderly making this soft, cotton, beautiful dress, just for me, especially for me.

Do you know how much Floss loves lace?
And I bet she'd also adore these grey, shimmery mother-of-pearl buttons.

And look, the dress is so practical with 2 deep pockets.

Now, is it alright if my footwear doesn't match?

I can't wait to "meet" you all at Floss' Party.


  1. Oooh, another friend of Floss's to meet at the party! Your dress is gorgeous. Shall we go and see what Take That are up to? I can see one of them stuffing his face at the buffet......

  2. The dress is very special and so simple yet exquisite! I can picture you at the party already :) This is my first virtual party and I must say so far it is real fun :)

  3. Loving that lace dress...very pretty.


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