Saturday, June 20, 2009

If I were to host a Garden Party...

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... I would have it rustic, casual, and cosy.

We shall have:
a homemade creamy broccoli soup,
some arugula & tomato salad tossed with vinaigrette,
and a fuss-free spinach and Gruyere cheese quiche. (Mm, Gruyere...)

... and of course I won't let you attend my party that is without an Asian flair.
There will be cold Tofu, fried vegetable vermicelli,
and flavourful banana leaf curry-spiced baked fish.
Yes, I'll even turn the spice notch down a little, just for you.

... I'll let you choose your own party favour to remember this day by.
Do you fancy a "teacup tree", or a box of lovely green tea?
But I know you most definitely want some of my beaded goods,
in which I'll bag the box up for you in a handmade fabric bag.

... and please, help yourself to more cake!

If I were to host a Garden Party,
you just might walk away remembering how I only served us cranberry juice and water.
Sorry about that.

But I do hope what made you smile were these rose cloth napkins!

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  1. Oh, wow, a Juanita/Martha, Swiss/Asian garden party! I love it! I would quite accept the cranberry juice (although I bet Lululiz will sneak in her bottle of Kir, anyway!) Thanks so much for this lovely, original post.

    And thanks even more for my wonderful present! Where to begin? The tin is great, and I have been wearing the bracelet all morning (until I started gardening). The buttons are so well chosen - I have actually never seen those large blue mother of pearl buttons, and I thought I'd seen everything... It was so kind of you and I think you had fun choosing everything too! A lovely surprise...

  2. ooh I just love that cake is that a recipe from martha my garden aprty is here

  3. This is lovely, Juanita! all the food made me hungry, and those little presents are cute cute cute! :)

  4. What a lovely party to come to - I've still got to host my bit! I love the Martha Stewart style napkins.

  5. I am so happy with those little gifts she gave out. I absolutely love the tea cup tree, what an idea! And the napkins were just the sweetest, so much attention to detail. Just amazing she is. The food was simply exquisite and not at all spicey. Lovely to have met you there too! Certainly a party to remember.

  6. Cute post! I love the tea cup trees (how did they make that?!) and the rose napkins...


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