Monday, June 29, 2009

How was your weekend? {Wie war dein Wochenende?}

One thing I enjoy on a Monday, is catching up on blogs and seeing what you all have done over the weekend. They vary so much! This was my weekend:

  • It poured last Saturday morning, so The Hubs and I stayed in and tended to our projects. What's knitting? Possibly something for a swap I'm currently involved in.
  • I also made couscous for the first time; Couscous with Vegetable & Chicken Sausage stew.
  • The clouds broke away in the evening, and we stretched our legs for a little bit, checking up on our neighbourly Dutch belted cows, and speculated on this new crop. Any idea what this crop could be? I'm taking guesses.

  • Sunday was a little busier. We were expecting guests for lunch at 1pm, so I merely started cooking at 10. The guests were The Hub's Boss' family of wife and 4 little ones. Janice, my husband's new Ph.D. student came over too.
  • Our guests brought us a bundle of Hydrangea, fresh from their garden. They look so pretty with the vase of white roses, don't they?
  • Unfortunately the Mushroom Smiley Quiche was the only thing I had time to take a picture of. Like I said, I won't let you attend my party without an 'Asian flair', so there was some rice, and a colourful stir-fried vegetable. Really fuss-free, yet tasty. Oh, and Prawn Springrolls, too.
  • It was a heavy lunch, so we all went for a walk to Katzenseen, the lakes nearby. The children were all whinging about the scorching heat, and I was whinging about not having put on sunblock! Were we toasty red at the end of the day. But it was fun.


  1. This post makes me feel hungry! Is your crop sunflowers? That's what it would be down here, anyway. Well done for feeding such a bunch of people - I need help if I'm going to do that many!

  2. Oooher, I could tuck into that couscous right now, it looks delicious!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh! that couscous looks sooooooo delicious! I'm so hungry now! heehehe x


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