Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garden Swap - What I received from Laura

Organised by Kerry of PennyDog Jewellery, I was paired up with Laura of Glue + Glitter for the Garden Swap.

Laura designs and makes resin/plastic jewellery (among many other things), and I was fortunate enough to be given a set! And those vegetable seeds too, which I thought were really thoughtful.

How clever of Laura to play on this Garden theme with a 'garden Picnic' Cadbury chocolate bar, and strawberry gummies. {Those gummies, by the way, helped calm my nerves on those cable car rides up Mt. Titlis last week, with my sister. More on that, next time.}

I have been on a "Sprouts adventure", and I can't wait to try growing my own mustard sprouts -for salad- in my kitchen.

Message to Laura:
I was really happy to receive this Garden Swap package, Laura. I hope you liked yours. Thank you!

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