Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vegetable Query: Carrot

Carrots don't excite me a lot, and I don't know why.

Raw, whole, grated, sliced or diced...
Boiled, braised, baked, fried, steamed...
How do you like your carrots?


  1. In soups- sweet and soft, noice!

  2. So many ways: grated or in sticks if raw, and steamed in 'coin shapes' or sticks if cooked. But if you're not a fan of the normal ways of eating them, you could try a recipe of Ben's, which I think he calls 'bashed neeps and carrots', which is full of British regional words so I'll translate!

    Dice carrot and sweed (is that what the Americans call rutabaga? I think so) into quite big pieces - maybe 1.5-2cm square. Put the two diced vegetables into a saucepan with butter and a bit of brown sugar, and sautee, while stirring, for a good long while, until the cubes are still visible but are very soft around the edges and beginning to mash together slightly. Check that the cubes are soft right through (they will be softest on the outside but you don't want them still hard inside) and season with salt and pepper before serving. This Scottish recipe has been known to make fussy people eat swede, which they won't normally do, so maybe it will help you to enjoy carrots!

    Also - there is no point in buying cheap carrots if you want them to taste of anything. Organic local ones taste about a million times better. I like cheap food but it just doesn't work with carrots.

  3. Mashed carrots... That's something new I'll have to try! Bet it's going to be sweet.

  4. I grate it up, add in some fried onions and add it to steamed rice. I tell my son it's cheesy rice and he devours it.

  5. I love my carrots steamed and smothered in butter!!!!

  6. This is my favourite recipe using carrots, I think I found it in some magazine.


    1 T butter
    2 T canola/ peanut oil
    2 onions
    2 c carrot rings
    3 T flour
    2 t mild curry powder
    2 t grated ginger
    4 c water
    3 T Veg. stock powder
    1 c coconut milk
    Grated rind of 1/2 lemon
    1/4 c fresh coriander

    Saute onions.
    Add carrots - stir fry 3 min.
    Add flour, curry, ginger - stir.
    Add water, stock powder, coconut milk.
    Simmer 15 min.
    Season to taste and add lemon rind.

    Optional: Lemon juice.

    Garnish: Coriander leaves.

  7. Glazed with lotsa butter....BUTTAHHHH...


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