Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Learning to Cycle: An update

Learning to Ride_Day1
That was Day 1. Hoppety-hopping on one pedal.

I went to and fro this little straight path a couple times more. Many elderly Swiss folks wished me luck and cheered me on. (So did you.) That was sweet.

And then a herd of cows moved in.
Our new neighbours.

Last Sunday, The Hubs said it was time I moved out of that path.
24.May.09 our new bike venture
I was too busy falling by road curbs, keeping up with Coach, balancing and keeping my feet on the pedals...
So I can't tell you exactly where this picture was taken, but it felt great to look up from the road and realise that I have cycled away from the comfort zone, and that we were far, far away.

Here comes Coach!
24.May.09 Here comes Coach.

I can finally pedal.

Completely bruised and battered, but I am happy.
25.May.09 All bruised and battered out of shape and form.
My legs and bruises are now swollen-purple-green monsters.

Next up:
To learn to keep pedalling,
manage curves and bends,
and to brake!
One thing at a time.


  1. Hello!

    Thank you for tagging me! I'll try my best to spread the bloglove as soon as possible!

    Big hugs and keep up the good work with the bicycle! Once you'll get the hang of it it will be Love Forever!

    Best wishes,
    PilliPilli Handmade

  2. Well done with the cycling! What an achievement! Enjoy :-)

  3. Oh, fantastic! What fun to record the event. My worst 'learning to cycle' moment (aged about 16, I guess) was when I cycled into a hold cut by a fisherman in the banks of the canal. I doggedly continued the ride with my wet, muddy socks flapping from my handlebars. They were pale blue. I can still remember it after all these years... and so can my best friend, my then-boyfriend and his best friend, I suspect. Who needs a camera to remember something that stupid?

  4. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! sorry, i shouldn't laugh, I know. But that video is priceless!


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