Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vintage Violet Giveaway - I Won. And Hail.

Guess who won Vintage Violet's Giveaway? Me! Yay me!

The prize: A sweet jar of buttons.
BUTTONS! Giveaway win from VintageViolet.

I do apologise for this bad lighting -- the sky went dark all of a sudden.
It was only 3:15pm, and we were expecting a storm.
3:15pm, and dark as winter.

But rain storm it wasn't quite.
It did say storm, not hail.

So my button-win ogling session was rudely interrupted by ice balls.
"Ice ball" from the sky.

The hail didn't last long. Now back to my buttons!
A little jar packed with unique buttons!
Aren't they fabulous?! I spent a fair bit of time fiddling with each button; looking for pairs, wondering what to make with each of them.

Won't reveal too much. I'll just have to wait till mid-June, when I get my craft room back!
(My craft room is currently being used as a guest room for my sister, you see.)



  1. yeah! i'm glad they arrived safely and in one piece! i bet you didn't find a single pair did you!

  2. Oh how lovely! You lucky, lucky thing - I have some plans for my flowery buttons, and I really look forward to what's going to happen with yours.

    I'm intrigued about the way Mr Fluffy reacted before the hail. Raja is sometimes funny before thunder storms - I gather it's the change of pressure. Clever animals!

  3. Lucky you...can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. Gorgeous buttons and some crazy weather. It was quite bizarre!
    We really should plan a second hand shop crawl sometime soon! I just got given my schedule for the next couple of months and I'm working more but sometimes I have a tues or wednesday afternoon free....let's work out a time!
    Enjoy your time with your sis.

  5. what a great prize! we always had a little vintage glass box full of buttons on my coffee table as a child. my mom used to play with buttons as a child at her grandmothers house and she chose to keep the buttons around because of their nostalgia. congrats on winning and i can't wait to see your diy projects.


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