Friday, May 29, 2009

JuanitaTortilla Giveaway 2: Teal and Blue

I bet you love this retro-looking apron. I bought it from a thrift store.

The stitching is not perfect. It must be hand-made!
Hegwig Schäublin... Who could you be?

Washed it and hung it out to dry.

Fancied these retro-print pockets, and bothered if should keep it for myself.
It was while pressing the apron did I think, "I have just the matching bracelet for this apron!"

So I best not keep these for myself, and let my next blog giveaway commence!

JuanitaTortilla's Giveaway #2:
Win this cotton half-apron (it is a colour between Teal and Blue),
plus, a hand-made beaded bracelet made by be.

Anyone in the world can join.
Just leave a comment in this post!
This giveaway contest will run until JUNE 18th, Thursday.
The winner will be announced on June 19th, Friday.


  1. So cute! I can already see myself wearing them :-)
    Good luck for me!

  2. Retro-yummy! Truly, that bracelet makes the outfit!

  3. Oh, swoon! I would love to win those! I shall also put your giveaway on my post tomorrow - no time to post at all today! Crazy, sunny, French Friday...

  4. YAY I love giveaways! :D

    Ohhhhh I love the apron & the retro look to it also that bracelet looks goregous :)

  5. The lovely Floss From Troc Broc and Recup pointed me into you direction for the giveaway
    Please count me in x
    I love Mr Fluffy x

  6. great aprom + i tagged you on my blog :)

  7. How adorable...and how well they look together. And your magnificence in overcoming your instinct to hoard for are indeed amazing.

  8. Hi Juanita, it's the first time I'm visiting your blog and I really like it :)Mr Fluffy is cool and you seem to lead quite an interesting life! I love the colours from your giveaway - the apron is wonderful and the bracelet adds a special personal touch. I'm recently liking peacock-blue color, do you think it would describe correctly the colour of your give away along with teal? Cheers!

  9. Yes please - can I join in please?

  10. First time visitor and following! Both would be very nice to win. :) :)

  11. Hi Juanita! I will love to win the giveaway! I love aprons; but if I am enough fortunate to win it I will give it to a dear friend of mine, who is crazy about aprons!

  12. I wanna play!
    Love your blog .. you seem like such a fun person.
    Hugz ...Betty

  13. What an absolutely gorgeous bracelet! And the apron is very funky.

  14. Wow Juanita, they are both beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity.

    Lisa ;)


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