Monday, April 6, 2009

Bombay Toast for a Thrift-shopping Weekend

I made Bombay toast for breakfast.

Hubs and I went to our neighbourhood thrift store {} to look for pots. Went home, instead, with a modest little shelf to serve as my bedside table! Gave it a good wipe but there are signs of its life it once had.

The Clouds *finally* drifted. The Sun *finally* shone. We let our plants out on the balcony. Fluffy loves this new season as much as I do. {Just look at that smug; Hmmp, I am king of the world.}


  1. Amazing! I think you have bought the self-same shelf that Penny gave me! I'm going to paint mine (honest). I just hate painting - I'd rather sew any day. And congrats on making the toast again - was it as yummy as it looks?

  2. Que lindo seu blog Juanita! Muito criativo! beijos! :)


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