Thursday, April 2, 2009

Khachapuri - Tea Time with Elisa

Before we begin, let me tell you about Elisa. Elisa is from Georgia. We met last September, in a German class. To date, we speak English with each other. According to Elisa, in Georgia, guests are to be respected and to be treated well. And treated well I was, with a hearty tea time, each visit.

This was Tea Time, visit 1.

What delightful and easy-to-make Khachapuri. And yes, as a guest, I was coerced into finishing the other sweet pastries as well! (We now know the reason to my pumpkin-shaped face.) To be honest, anything with puff pastry or Bl├Ątterteig, I'm there.

Lamenting over how there is no Georgian cheese in Switzerland, Elisa concocted a 50% Feta, 50% Mozarella mix to bring us 100% similarity to Georgian's Khachapuri.

So yummy. I couldn't stop making it for the Hubs as well! 
My version of Khachapuri

My version of Khachapuri
Can never go wrong with Puff Pastry + Cheese!
My version of Khachapuri
Best eaten warm.
  • Glaze the pastry with a beaten egg.
  • Bake these babies at about 180-200 Celsius, 15-20min.


  1. Oh. Georgia the country, not the state. Silly me. Anyway, that looks goooooood!

  2. OMG. How yummy does that look!


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