Friday, April 3, 2009

French / Eggy Toast - Tea Time with Elisa

For Tea Time #2 with Elisa: A simple but tasty French Toast. Perfect for almost-stale bread!
Elisa did not divulge the Georgian word, but she remarked that this toast has a name 'that children or Georgian people call to mean the male chicken'. The gist.

I think this egg-fried-on-bread is international. As a child in Singapore, my mother used to make us Bombay toast.

I still remember: For my Secondary 2 Home Economics Breakfast-themed examination, I made burnt, sweet, cookie-cutter star shaped Bombay toast. Also, served the burnt, soggy Bombay toast with black, oxidised bananas. I was 14 then. Did you see the look on my teacher's face? The trauma, both hers and mine.

My Home Econs. partner, on the other hand, prepped her beautiful breakfast spread of sandwiches, an immaculately-halved pear, all served on a breakfast tray dressed with doily. She was quick, and sat twiddling her thumbs. Did she not also bring her own set of silverware and napkin? Oh, these things can scar a girl for life...

I've never made Bombay toast since. Maybe one day, I will, and I'll need all the luck I can get.


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