Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swiss Bloggers Meet-up, Round 1.

Still in a bit of denial here, some of us lucky Bloggers had the privilege of visiting the Z├╝rich's Google Office. There were fireman poles. That's right. I mean, who lives for that? To slide down poles and have near-death experiences? Not me. They call it a Fireman's pole, not a Scaredy-cat's pole.

After 10 minutes of cussing and swearing, with 3 clammy limbs touching the steel, I struggled to lift my 4th limb. Just couldn't. "Hug the pole tight and you'll be fine." Yeah right. I'd be falling to my death. Who in the right mind does this?

Took the stairs instead. My legs were still shaking from the sight of looking down that hole. Yet, strangely, I was kicking myself for not having done it. (Wuss.) Did I mention that I was wearing a skirt?

Then came Pole 2. There was no escaping this time -- I just had to. Yes, flippin'-heck it.

Even Bridget Jones had more finesse. (She wore tights!)

Picture via here, Mail Online.

To round up that very fun and insightful tour, the last big scream.

Honest to goodness, I did land on my bottom, legs straight out.

Doesn't sound like an office tour, does it?

I ran home -tried to, with my hurt legs- excited to tell The Hubs, "It was like a giant playground!!!"
Hubs: "I know that already. It's very famous," he said not looking at me, turning the red-hot coal under the barbecue grill with the tongs. Oo, someone was jealous... Trotzdem I went on blabbering about my bruises.


  1. Wow, I've never heard of it - it sounds an amazing place (if challenging)! I know I'm meant to be taking a break, but I've finished my PIF and have the envelopes ready to post, so I'm being a bit naughty and reading OTHER blogs - that doesn't count, does it? About learning to cycle, I didn't succeed until I was 18 or 19 (because I'd met Ben, and needed to become more mobile in order to visit him!). So it is possible to learn quite late in life!

  2. wow, I have heard about it, especially the giant slides but never seen it before! thanx for sharing the pictures. it must be such a dream to the techies to work there! =)

  3. That drawing is AWESOME and since I was one of the lucky ones at the bottom with front row seats for the show, I can tell you it looked EXACTLY like you depicted... but with less undies. :) It was really not bad at all and I am so proud that you did it!

    Love the slide drawing too. I am glad you did that as the drawings rock!

  4. Hehehe
    The drawings are so cute!


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