Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swiss Bloggers had a Face-to-face, Apr 26 2009

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Last Sunday, the Swiss Expat Bloggers (and blog lovers) had been rounded up for the first time, for a face to face. But for Jessica and I, it's our umpteenth time. Just kidding. 3rd, I believe. Oh we go way back.

Look, we're famous!

Jessica is giving us these wonderful reports and recaps:
Head to her Swisstory blog for the details and drool over our famous-ness.
(I know, the word is 'fame'. But there is Awesome-ness and Fabulous-ness, so there must be Famous-ness.)


  1. Sorry to have missed. Looks like it was a blast.

  2. looks like you had a blast! wow I know somone who has "Sorta Famous-ness" cool!

  3. Yup... third it is. We have to catch up after I get back from the States... Promise?! Ok.

    Thanks for the links... and famousness is a word! In German you can say 'die Berühmtheit'... :)


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