Monday, April 27, 2009

A "Hubby Birthday"

The Hubs celebrated his "X"th birthday last week. Did my wifely duty of baking a cake, the never-fail Matcha Green Tea with Chocolate Cream filling Swiss roll. Made it a little more decadent with a fudge-chocolate topping. Mmm. Schmeckt so gut.

And who says you can't buy a man flowers? We love having orchids, and that was just a great excuse for me to get this pot of "exotic orchid" home. (Looks fake, doesn't it?)

Hey, look! I made my first Naan. Fresh Yeast + Flour + Yogurt = Magic.

What's with the menu? I know, I've entered the zone of Extreme Housewifedom. So far in to the point of no return.


  1. Oooh, that Swiss roll looks delicious. Yeah, I can relate to the zone of Extreme Housewifedom. I'm working part time from home and spending the rest of the day being all domestic. It's a new thing for me and pretty fun! -Virginia

  2. mmm...that coconut sauce looks sooo delicious! If it's not a secret recipe, would you mind to share it?

  3. Is that the matcha you bought with me? Looks DELISH!!!

  4. Yessiree... Matcha tea from that exquisite tea boutique in Luzern.


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