Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Have to Learn to Cycle.

I do not know how to cycle, but for some reason, The Hubs and I had thought to get ourselves a bicycle each. Dosenbach Sport tempted us with their 399-499 CHF offers. We slept on this idea for 2 weeks.

Then came last Saturday, in that split second before committing ourselves to 2 brand new bicycles, I said, Neh... Why should we pay so much for something I will just trash around and not use? So, no brand new bikes for us.

Call it "luck" if you will, we walked past a Velobörsen that very same afternoon, and decided to snoop around. I stood at the side guarding our groceries while I sent The Hubs out to get himself a bicycle.

The prices for used bicycles were really reasonable. That explains the crowd.

He came back with this purple one. "Purple? You want purple?"
No, for me, he said. Me?!?
Right, it's purple, and it had a really cushy seat. I'll worry about learning how to cycle later.

Oh  ja. We walked home (shame on me) with 2 city bikes that scorching hot afternoon. Sweet; two used bikes for 250 CHF! We even added baskets.
Learning to cycle at my age is not my idea of fun.
Jamming my shins against the pedals, falling face forward, bare skin hitting against tarmac, weight of metal on your legs = Not Fun. Now you know why I'm all battered and bruised.


  1. You can do it! The good part is that once you get it down, you'll never forget.

  2. Really? I sense a Phobia developing. That kind of sucks.

  3. I was scared of biking for the longest time. It gets easier. Just avoid the big trek up a mountain for a while :)

  4. You'll get the hang of it real quick...just be prepared for a few falls, that's how everyone learns!

  5. I don't know how to cycle either...but I have a Dahon that Tariq uses occasionally. It's sad...by the time we had time to teach me, I was pregnant.

  6. ha! i can't cycle either - it makes me feel a right dumb-ass as i also don't drive :0( - my mum said i was the only kid she ever knew who didn't want a bike!


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