Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get a Bike in Zürich. Used or New.

Walking home last Saturday from the Oerlikon market, we ran into a bustling 'Bicycle fair'. It sure looked like a bicycle fair. Velobörsen, they call it here. What went on in this Velobörsen?

It was a huge gathering of bicycles. Mountain bikes, city bikes, tandems, you name it. Each bicycle, new or used, is attached with the price, previous owner / bike dealer's information.

Take a walk around, see what you like, take a test ride round the compound, grab some bike accessories - available at a stall in the fair- if you wish to, or take it to the Beratung tent for some advice or fixing up, bring desired bike to the Kasse, detach the receipt-and-info leaflet from the bike, get a license (if you don't have one), pay for it in cash, and you get yourself a bicycle!

The following information is taken from Pro Velo Kanton Zürich, http://www.provelozuerich.ch/veloboersen.html
Velobörsen der Pro Velo Kanton Zürich 2009:
25. April, Max Frisch-Platz, Oerlikon
16. Mai, Helvetiaplatz Zürich
6. Juni, Kilchberstrasse 23, Zürich Wollishofen
27. Juni, Helvetiaplatz Zürich
25. Juli, Helvatiaplatz Zürich
22. August, Helvetiaplatz Zürich
5. September, Neumarkt Winterthur
26. September, Helvetiaplatz Zürich

Veloannahme jeweils 8 – 10 Uhr.
Veloverkauf jeweils 9 – 15 Uhr.
Find the next Velobörsen near you and get yourself a bicycle!

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  1. That sounds a different way to buy a bike! What a good idea.


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