Monday, April 20, 2009

Doing my Laundry in Zürich

It's a Thursday evening, and I'll say, "OMG, it's Laundry day tomorrow." And I say that with dread.
I believe Laundry is a grosses Problem in der Schweiz. They range from: Complaints from neighbours, to having a schedule (or none).

Ever heard me complain about doing the laundry?
Oh, don't I have my reasons! And I don't just mean the ironing.
  1. We are scheduled to use the laundry room, once a fortnight. That's right, 14 days worth of dirty socks, knickers and boxers. { I say stock up!!! }
  2. Machines require coins to operate. Only "clean" 1 Franc, and 20 Rappen coins, thank you. { I now have a Laundry Purse to collect just these 2 Special Coins. Ah-ah, no buying sweeties with these coins. }
  3. Each wash / dry cycle eats up 2.40 Francs, i.e. 2x 1.- + 2x 0.20. Depending on the wash / drying cycle you choose, you should be glad to get a bit of change back. { Always have your Laundry Purse with you, ready for the next load. }
  4. My Wash Days are: every other Friday and Saturday. { Why would I want to spend my Saturdays doing the laundry? Hear me on this one? }
  5. Washing Hours are best kept within 8am to 5pm, so as not to disturb the neighbours.
  6. Gone fishing on your scheduled Laundry Day? Wait for your next turn, buddy. OR, go find a nice neighbour for a swap. Good luck with that.
  7. Clean up like no one's been there before, clean up like no one's been there before. I frown at the neighbour who leaves the machines in a less-than-desirable state, so I have this mantra: Clean up like no one's been there before! With my fluffy situation, I have my work cut out for me.
  8. No matter how fast and early I try and get to it, Laundry Fridays are full-day affairs for me -- 8:00pm to 3:30pm. Just enough time to fit the new sheets onto the bed, fold the clothes away, pat my bottom, and get ready for dinner preparations. Did you say tea this Friday? Let me check my schedule first. { I should count myself lucky for having THE KEY to that special washing machine huh. Or it would take twice as long. }
So, in my humble opinion, if you live in Zürich / Switzerland, and ...
  1. have your own private Maschinen: Consider yourself The Privileged. 
  2. do not have a schedule to follow: May the best woman win.
Have you got something to say about this?


  1. Ha,ha, It makes me laugh just imagining that situation in Italy!
    I am sure the second day there will be sombody eager to rent his/her laundry turn,another eager to clean the lint, or change your coins and so on!

  2. I feel so decadent now...with my second hand washer and dryer in the kitchen, just for me and hubby! Thanks for the chuckles and for thinking of blogging this strangely interesting domestic situation...common to us all!

  3. Wow! I have a friend who teaches English in a language school, and she told me that a male Swiss student had complained to the management that she wore her skirts too short, and she was too distracting! I guess that the Swiss really do like things 'just right'. How does that compare to Singapore? Could appartment life be like this in your home country? In France we would have all the same rules and everyone would ignore them, in a sociable sort of way.

  4. ha ha you give a good rant!
    i hate laudry it feels like it never ends in my house! my son{4} has just taken to dressing himself & chooses a new outfit everyday - my daughter{14} provides me with a laundry mountain every week and i'm also doing my grandad's washing ATM too!! at least the sun is shining so i can get it all dry ATM but what i HATE is pegging out washing and then rushing it back in when it rains GGGGGRRRRRR!!!

  5. Floss: I believe the Swiss do acknowledge this Laundry business as a problem. That is why, for those who can afford the machines, AND space, they would rather buy their own (than share).
    Also, majority of residents in this city are tenants. Most of the time, as a tenant, you rent a place unfurnished, and you make do with whatever shoe-box sized apartment you can get hold of. Purchasing a washing machine is a considerably huge commitment, in my opinion, unlike a microwave :)

    In Singapore, just about every household has a washer. It comes as "part of the apartment", I believe.


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