Monday, March 30, 2009

Luxembourg, 26-29 Mar 2009

What I like about Luxembourg:
  1. The city is historical, and set on hills and slopes of valley. It is scenic.
  2. It is a clean, walk-able city.
  3. I felt safe.
  4. You see French and German words. And it is touristy enough for English-speakers to get by with much ease.
  5. I was pleasantly reminded of what a cosmopolitan city felt like.
What I did:

  • Day 1: 26.Mar, Thursday >> Butt-numbing 5-hour direct train ride to Luxembourg. Whisked through some little French towns. Arrived the city around 5pm. Went to listen to Conference's Opening talk @ Neum√ľnster. That ended well past 8. Walked back to Place d'Armes (where Hotel Francais was). Dinner was at 9PM.
  • Day 2: 27.Mar, Friday >> Hubs worked from 9-Lunch. I walked the town. Went to the Art Museum (it opens at 10am). Bought a Luxembourgian wine. Bought a Burda magazine, in French. Had lunch together @ Quality Burger, in the freezing cold. Did the CitySightSeeing Bus Tour (lasted 50min), then did a little walk around. Dinner @ Chinese Emperor, Place d'Armes.
  • Day 3: 28.Mar, Saturday >> Hubs worked from 9-6pm. The Casemates were closed. I took a few trips to Place Guillaume to see the market. Bought honey. Did a few rounds on the fleamarket at Place d'Armes. Bought a 2nd Burda magazine, in German. It rained so much, and the winds were so strong. Stayed in hotel room with a salad, snacks, my Burda magazines, and German tv. Did the PetrusseExpress ride. Dinner, was again, in Chinese Emperor. Everywhere else was closed, and the Mexican "Chi-chi" restaurant was jam-packed. What to do? It was a Saturday night.
  • Day 4: 29.Mar, Sunday >> Had breakfast. Did a brief walk around the quiet squares. Sun came out for a bit. Checked out of hotel, walked to train station @10am. Discovered the clocks on the streets were an hour faster -- we missed our train, technically. But we made it in time for a delayed train! We would have been 20min ahead of time, if not for daylight savings. Returned home to a happy, whiny cat @half past 4pm.


  1. Thanks for your news! I'm going to have to have a proper look at your photos now...

  2. I would like to go to Luxembourg... great little trip!

    Ps. you coming to the blogger meet up on April 26th? I need a headcount.


  3. Sounds like you had an awesome time!


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