Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Project Fluffy's World, episode 6

Episode 6: The Typical Afternoon Laze...
What to do,
what to do...
Aah... My warm spot.

There's that annoying string hanging off the table.
I don't care for it.

Nothing going on outside.

I'll catch up on sleep.
Tune in next week, Mar.17 for Episode 7 of Project Fluffy's World.

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  1. Aw! What a very fluffy cat he is! We had a cat years ago who would miaow for her breakfast like in Project Fluffy's World 2, and would then say thanks with a 'miowp' when you put the plate down in front of her! It was a totally different sound and was genuinely a reaction to the food arriving, so it sounded pretty much like thanks. Quite unsual gratitude for a cat, I've always felt...

  2. Hi lovely! I'm sure you've received many of these but I have given you an award! :)

    Hope you love it. You so deserved it!




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