Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off to Luxembourg - See you next week.

While I find some time today to pack my bag for a rainy Luxembourg, I shall leave you with some images from the Oerlikon market, taken last Saturday.

Don't let the sunshine fool you. It was totally freezing.


  1. Lovely pictures - the shortbread stall (was it shortbread?) looks fantastic, and totally unlike what I see in our excellent French markets. Have a great time in Luxembourg!

  2. Iam so jealous, we hve lost all our markets here in England, occasionaly there are farmers markets but nothing like yours.
    Have a lovely time in Lux.

  3. Have a nice week! Love markets, is the first thing I go when I'm in a new place! The roses are just gorgeus!

  4. I love the photos of the yellow and orange roses...spectacular!
    Thank you for visiting my blog.


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