Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LIDL, in Sternen Oerlikon

Did you hear? LIDL has just opened a new chain in Oerlikon.
LIDL March.21.2009
Hubs and I went to have a quick look-see last Saturday. Not buying anything, we both agreed. Didn't bring us a shopping bag, anyway.

LIDL March.21.2009
It is an escalator ride down in the 'Züri 11' building.

LIDL March.21.2009
Look, we even got a free drink on our way out! Got to love a promo.
Not pictured were a couple of mini cakes in my hands. Free cakes!

LIDL March.21.2009
Oops. I know. But those frozen fish fillets were so hard to resist! And a pair of Schweiz produced Geflügel wurst for under 2 CHF? A bag of Mandarinen Orangen for a few Francs?

So, ALDI oder LIDL?

(i) Location:
an Aldi I know is also located in Oerlikon, but this Lidl is better situated, being a stone's throw away from the Bahnhof. Something to consider if you mind carrying and walking with heavy bags.

(ii) Store's Variety:
I am no supermarket critic, but if you've ever been to a Denner outlet, this Lidl one has that same feel. 'Cluttered' might have been the word. The crowd that Saturday might have made our shopping experience a little more stressful. The Aldi over the other side of the train tracks has a larger store space, giving it a warehouse feel. A wider aisle space would make a difference.

Variety wise: pretty much the same assortment, but I do spot more Swiss-flag logos.

In my humble opinion, shopping in Aldi lets me believe that I am shopping in Germany, with all its German,and Austrian products. (Or maybe it's just me.) Italian and French cheeses too. Might have to go into Lidl again, for a second opinion!

So, what say you?


  1. Yay for anything that brings back the long lost concept of choice in grocery shopping.

  2. Hello - yep, we have three LIDLs near us too - perhaps they are taking over the world. I find it useful for specific things (like my craft packs!), but couldn't do my entire week's shopping there - they don't stock Fair Trade goods, for example.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you - your parcel has arrived (see my blog post). The jewellery and ornament are lovely, and so is the sweet little gift - thanks so much!


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