Thursday, March 5, 2009

Colour Week: Green Thursday

Thursday - green - New plants, Mini cacti.

Friday - blue
Saturday - violet
Sunday - finish it all off with another rainbow of color.


  1. Well, they are lovely! I don't have much luck with cacti/succulents, but I have quite a good collection of carnivorous plants, which I've just put at the end of my 'green' post.

    You start early, don't you? Are you in the same time zone as us in France, or one zone ahead? Thanks once again for your lovely blog.

  2. Thanks, Juanita! But you forgot the key word 'messy' when you described my home! That's the downside of being a family of people who love projects, making things, collecting things etc. Our younger son is the tidy one, compared to the rest of us...

    We are having horrible weather today. Are you getting it too?


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