Friday, February 20, 2009

Vegetable Query: Romanesco

Seeking to add a little adventure to my diet, I stole a few minutes to trot to Orell Füssli, and got me this book. (Impulsive buy. Terrible.)

 So, the next step, Uncharted Vegetable.

Looking at this strange thing, I can't help but have an alien tune ring in my head. Built like a cauliflower, it must be a type of flower vegetable?

Found a picture! While the directory in this book did not direct me to Alien Vegetable, I consulted Cauliflower, and yes, we were right. This vegetable has a name: Romanesco. Wikipedia can tell you more:

I am a little excited about cooking these alien-looking florets. It should be treated like a cauliflower, right? So tell me, how do you like your Cauliflower, or Romanesco?

(I like my Cauliflower curried, and boiled. In case you're wondering.)


  1. I had never seen or heard of Romanesco until I moved here! My "Chefin" (or the mother of the boys I nanny) boiled up some of these yummy veggies for lunch my first week on duty!

  2. lol! a funny vegetable, indeed! :D I completely understand about the risotto! Completely! I am very similar in your thinking.

  3. I've never seen Romanesco before! It looks pretty amazing. Based on looks alone, I'll go for Romanesco over Cauliflower, which in my opinion always looks a bit sad and pale.

  4. So... I had it steamed!
    Even saved the leafy parts for a wilted greens stir-fry for some other time.
    Romanesco is sweet! Tastes great on its own; more like Broccoli than Cauliflower, in my opinion.

  5. I love "cavolo romanesco"! Since I live with two romans, my husband and my son, and live in Rome too, I know very well the alien vegetable.
    Some ideas?
    1) steamed and sautè with olive oil and garlic, it can be eated like this or:
    2) toss the pasta (once is ready) into the skillet. Yummy!
    3)"in pastella"(batter): here, is a very good recipe for it:

  6. Thanks for stop at my "really" humble blog! I am happy you found useful my tips. And I'm happy too to find another "juanita"! Your blog is already on my favorite links.


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